Live Talks & Demo’s

New for the 2018 festival, we’ll be hosting an area dedicated to Live Talks from top speakers on subjects such as Wellbeing, Food & Nutrition. Here are some of the speakers joining us. There is also a running order available at the bottom of the page.



Simon Chappelow 

”Leeds Cookery School: Demo & Live Talk”

Leeds Cookery School


Jason Hartley (Head of Slow Food Chef Alliance England)

” The North & Food: What Went Wrong? ”

Leeds Food Festival


Sat Mann (Lean Lunch)

” The route to true wellness is at the end of your fork”

Leeds Food Festival

Billy Collins

” Mindfullness through Veganism: Exploring a conscious connection through our food”

North Leeds Food Festival

Lucy Barrow (Mix & Twist)

”” 5 Ways To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing ”

Mix & Twist


Angela Sykes (Yoga Kula)

” Change your life with Mudra ”

Leeds Food Festival

Helen Ince (Yoga Kula)

” Moving towards meditation ”

Leeds Food Festival


Antonia George (Osteopath)

”Flourishing Health & Wellbeing